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Multi-ZIP Code Finder

Multiple ZIP Code Lookup Application for the New Official USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Maps

Developed by and available for purchase by Climate Source, Inc., the multiple, or "batch-mode" ZIP Code finder is a user-friendly Web application that allows the user to match hundreds or thousands of 5-digit ZIP Codes with the appropriate USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. This application accesses the same ZIP Code database used on the official USDA website for single ZIP Code lookups. The user uploads a file with one ZIP Code per line, and the application returns the file with a second column filled in with the plant hardiness zone and half zone (e.g., zone 5a).

This Web application is available for the conterminous United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

Visit the Climate Source website ( for further information.

To find the zone for a single ZIP Code, use the Find Your Plant Hardiness Zone ZIP Code search on the Homepage.